We have funds when others don’t DUE TO years of success with our wealthy private investors. We do hard money deals but only the ones we consider plums or apples – not any rotten tomatoes.


Our lenders expect us to view your property and meet you. We are the ‘gatekeepers’ of their money and take that job seriously.


Most loans are 12 months, with an additional term extension available. We set you up for success. It is expected from us and from our investors.


Home N Work Mortgages Inc.

Is a national Canadian commerical mortgage lender. We will lend large amounts of funds, $1,000,000 OR HIGHER, wherever a deal makes sense, to a borrower that has the experience to manage the size of loan given, and who has some ‘skin in the game’ – meaning has at least a 30% equity position in their real estate. We are friendly and easy to approach to discuss a funding solution. We are honest, competent and knowledgeable. We are here to build lending relationships not just money transactions.

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Have Any Questions?

Everybody does. Call us and get some answers. The biggest question usually is ‘Do you have enough available funds to fund? And the answer is ‘yes’. We are tied into some of the wealthiest Canadian families whose trust funds or personal funds can fund big deals.


Ready To Apply?

After speaking to Greg Stanley and he agrees to work with you then please submit an application here and send in any supporting documents. A site inspection of the property will be made and Gregory will meet you face to face to discuss your funding solution.