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Solutions are Made Here

Our Process is to Create a Customized Financing Solution as Follows:

Step 1

Obtain borrower’s goals and objectives

Step 2

Gather borrower’s data, application, net worth statement, review/order appraisal and/or receive copy of an executed contract of purchase and sale.

Step 3

Develop a customized financing plan (CFP) for the borrower; issue an LOI so terms are agreed to and conduct site inspection.

Step 4

Implement the plan, issue a commitment to lend, instruct legal to provide funds.

Step 5

Monitor the plan (terms are generally 12 months, sometimes 18 months – we always include a built in option to extend for 12 months).

We will issue a Letter of Interest to lend whenever we like your deal, you and your property. This occurs within 21 days of meeting you. We will issue a commitment after we have verified your property value. We will instruct to fund usually within 60 days from start to finish (not including lawyer scheduling and services with all parties).

Looking for Advice?

Gregory B. Stanley and his talented associates are here to help!